Ellie Leacy: How much damage is too much damage to our home?

Ellie Leacy: How much damage is too much damage to our home?

First things first, climate change is one of the biggest problems we face today. Over geological time our planet has gotten hotter and colder, whereas today’s average temperature is 15C. However, the issue we face here is Global Warming. This means that our climate is getting hotter and hotter on average each year; even if it is happening ‘slowly’ it is still a common occurrence.  In the next 20 years Global Warming will be irreversible with the way we are living at the moment.

An element of climate change is a process called the ‘greenhouse effect’. This is the action of the Earth’s atmosphere catching the energy from the Sun. The energy from the Sun (solar energy) radiates back into space that has been put into the Earth’s atmosphere is absorbed by greenhouses gasses and emitted into different directions. WE are the main cause to greenhouse gasses as we are the ones who use dying out fossil fuels. Some of the main fossil fuels we use are: coal, oil and gas; but they are running out at a fast speed and causing more destruction than ever.

One of the major issues global warming has caused is the bleaching of the Great Barrier Reef in Australia.  So far, around 50% of the coral has been killed off due to the bleach which is devastating to see as we are the cause. Human climate change has caused massive damage to our oceans and soon the damage will be irreversible. Not only is global warming a problem to ocean life, but pollution causes harm. There are millions of pieces of plastic that has been littered into the ocean from people who are too lazy to throw rubbish into a recycle bin. It causes literal destruction to animals that live in the ocean, such as: fish, turtles, etc get caught in the plastic that from beer cans, large pieces of plastic get pierced into seals and large fish. Even recently (this is not a pollution issue but it is still people being reckless) in Bueno Aires a dolphin was washed up onto the beach and people took pictures of it instead of placing it back into the water, evidently it died. This is the type of recklessness people around the world seem to be taking part in. Our planet is our home and it is treated like a doorstop.

By around 2060 it will be too late for us to change the vandalism to our environment, which is why it is important to do as little help as we can. Stop polluting the oceans and this could have a positive effect on coral bleaching.  Making small changes can make a big difference.

Autorica: Ellie Leacy

Fotografija: Pixabay


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