Hello! I am so happy and excited to write this article. Because we finished everything and mla-dost.dobro magazine is published in April. 

First I want to introduce myself and explain how we started to publish mla-dost.dobro magazine. I am Evin Arslan. I am from Turkey and I am here to volunteer in Mreža udruga Zagor. Most young people go to another country owing to the European Solidarity Corps Project. I am one of them. Before I came here, I was living in Istanbul and I was working at a newspaper. I was working as a reporter/correspondent. I like to write articles and news. When I came here, I wanted to continue journalism. When I told Ivana my magazine idea, she liked this idea and she really supported me. 

We had our first meeting with young people. Gabrijela Rogan, Tin Krznar, Rebeca Jana Bačani, Marija Gebert, Erkin Duman, Ivana Radanović joined. We talked about the magazine process and the name of the magazine. Paula Petrinec couldn’t join but we kept in touch all the time. 

When you read this magazine, you will see these names. Erkin, Marija, Paula, Gabrijela wrote so good articles for this issue. Graphic Designer Marija Gebert explained the tips and tricks of design. Erkin Duman wrote a very fascinating story. Paula told her Erasmus experiences during the Covid times, Gabrijela wrote about the interesting hobbies of artists and Katarina drew the illustration for Earth Day, 22 April. Also, I had an interview with professional dancer Margareta Sinković. She is very talented and she told very important things about contemporary dance and performance art. 

Maybe you can ask why you need this magazine. We wanted to make this magazine because we wanted to create free space for young people. Young people can find articles about youth, culture art, dance, movies and more! Also, young people can send us their articles. If you have an idea for articles, feel free to write to us. We are open to new ideas. 

When I finished this article, I wanted to say thanks to Mreža udruga Zagor’s colleagues for supporting us. Also thanks to photographer Luka Smuk for sharing his photos for the Margareta Sinković interview. 

I hope you will enjoy it when you read this magazine!

Vidimo se u sljedeći mjesec!

Writer: Evin Arslan

Photos: Erkin Duman

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