Arianna de Julio went to England for the European Solidarity Corps (ESC) project in 2021. When she was in England, she decided to create the Pedestrian Pages Instagram account. She wrote about her page and how she decided to create this page.

“On May 23, 2021, while I was in the UK carrying out my ESC project, I posted my first photo on my new page. I wanted to call it “the pedestrian pages” because it is a very important word for me with different meanings:

What does it mean to be a Pedestrian?

I chose this term because it represents my way of thinking and facing life; the Pedestrian is trivially the one who walks, crosses the pedestrian crossing, starts from point A and arrives at point B … but for me, it is much more. The project was born as an idea in 2020 when a dear friend of mine known in #Erasmus came to visit me in Italy; we spent some wonderful days and decided together that we would remember those moments as the “pedestrian days”

Moving, discovering the world, being open and curious, traveling different routes … This for me means being a Pedestrian. My mission continues to be to tell my stories, my difficulties and my successes. Create a space for sharing and conversation, talking about doubts and curiosities about abroad and how to become aware of the environment around us.

Writing, filming small videos, taking pictures, putting creativity at the service of others and oneself … Use your creative energies to do good!

I believe that now more than ever we must not lose hope; young people must continue to believe in the European Union and the solidarity of peoples. Together we can change the world, together we can celebrate the beauty of difference.

Author: Arianna de Julio

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