•  Zabok, Croatia
  •  Duration of activity is 363 days (plus 2 travel days)
  •  Beginning of November 2022 (start date)
  •  Application deadline? 23th September 2022. via mreza@zagor.info


This long term project “Volunteers t(w)o local community” will last 17 months, within which voluntary service for two volunteers will last 12 months. Through the goals of this project, the community will develop, but also solidarity and intercultural understanding. Within the community, international volunteering and youth exchanges will be promoted, and it will be promoted as well why it is beneficial for the individual and what is he/she gaining with volunteering and mobility. Volunteer activities will be divided into two groups: 1. Volunteer who will take part in the “Be creative and inspirational creativity” position will participate in activities such as volunteering actions as part of the celebration of the “Croatia Volunteers” event, the Association Fair, workshops on youth mobility. 2. Volunteer in the “Promotion through Digital Competence Development” position will be involved in activities such as preparation of the necessary equipment, video and photo editing etc.


The volunteers are accommodated in Zabok, close to organization of Zagor. They will not need transportation. Every volunteer have his/her own sleeping room. They share bathroom, dining room, living room and kitchen. They cook their own food, the cost of food are covered.


Volunteers will participate in training that will be organized by National Agency: on-arrival training and mid-term meeting. Zagor will provide additional training and education for volunteers who want to further develop their knowledge and skills.


Zagor is looking for two volunteers who will participate in voluntary service in Zabok, Croatia from November 2022. and for 363 days (plus 2 travel days). We are looking for volunteers who are independent and responsible, creative, responsive, self-initiative and willing to learn something more and to share their current knowledge and experience. Also, who know how to use digital equipment, who are communicative and flexible. Volunteers will participate in activities in the projects, which Zagor is implementing: photographing the voluntary activities and workshops, create GIFs and designed photos, but also have a chance to create their own projects and activities.


Infosheet_digital view

Infosheet_be creative

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