“Cherry on the cake” is a training course that aims to deepen the understanding of the potential and possibilities of a Youth Exchange as a tool for non-formal learning in long-term work with young people.

The objectives of the training course are;

  •        Explore the potential of Youth Exchanges for motivation, learning and empowerment in long-term work with young people;
  •        Highlighting the importance of involving young people in all phases of a Youth Exchange and tailoring it according to their needs;
  •        Increase the participant’s understanding of the role of the youth leader in all phases of a Youth Exchange;
  •        Develop participants’ competencies to recognise the potential for learning in all phases of a Youth Exchange and support the learning processes of those involved;
  •        Identify the challenges brought by the international setting of a Youth Exchange and reflect on how to approach them;
  •        Explore the usage of digital tools in different phases of a Youth Exchange.

Our volunteer Erkin participated in 3 days training course on “Cherry on the cake” in Malmö, Sweden from 3-6 October. Application has been made through the National Agency and  project is financed by the Erasmus+: Youth in Action Programme.

Erkin indicates;

“As a youth worker, the training course “Cherry on the Cake”was an amazing opportunity and a great experience for me . I was a representer of Mreža udruga Zagor from Croatia. Including Croatia, there were six other participant countries; Slovenia, Italy, Albania, Sweden, Turkey, and Hungary. I met lovely people, and we had a chance to exchange ideas during the sections. We brainstormed, and mostly focused on the question: <<How can we collaborate in the future for great projects? And how can we involve young people?>>

We also learnt a bunch of new energizers and digital tools. It was a very interactive training. We left the hotel to interview young people on the street. We asked them three questions to detect the needs of Swedish youth.


  • What are the needs of the community/young people?
  • What are the important topics for young people in Malmo?
  • What is already there for young people; trends?


After the interview, we had a great pool of answers. We had a brainstorm from the collected datas. Thus, we learnt how to use tools to detect the needs of the community/young people. We also went through the importance and recognition of YouthPass.

I learnt a lot during the training and made a network with great people. I came back to Croatia full of ideas, and I cannot wait to collaborate with other organisations to implement projects in the future!”

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