A training journey

A training journey

Once opon a time, which, for sure, was not one month ago, in a magical peace of earth, in a parallel universe not so far far away from ours, lies a mystical, veiled land. I presume that now you’re wondering: “Is this some anciant kingdom?” and so the answer that i can give
you is: “Nope!”. And, i guess, you also want to know what’s so supernatural about this place and you, absolutely, have the right to ask. So the answer is that, it is so mystical, that even the people living somewhere around it, doesn’t realy know where it is, for it’s so misterius, that you can never find it, if you’re one of those, whom’s intentions are not clean and hearts not pure. Noone can never find it, unless it does not decide to reveal itself to somebody. “The city of wanders” will remain hidden from those, who does’nt know precisely where to look and how to. No maps or compasses can ever show you the right way. No trains or horses are gonna take you there, unless they feel that your soul is in the right place. No bird or beast, my friend, will never lead or tell you the secret location, neighter to the way for the old, croation city of…
Orahovica. Or, as i like to call it – “The -if you know, you now- town”.

This was the goal, the point, the final destination of my training journey. No, the
journey, itself, was not a training for some bigger road trip or wild adventure. At least, in the beginnig, when i went on it, i did’nt knew it was. From the town named Zabok, i got on an iron horse to get me, directly, to the “if you know-you know town”, but, as i told you, no machine or living thing will take you there, uless your heart is purer the hightes mountain lake, and so i traveled. I traveled hard and long ultill i got to elder capital, called Zagreb, where i had to leave the train and swap it for another one, who was supposed to know better where to take me. But, apparenlty, i was too late. It have left the station two minets before my arrival there and so ducked was I by these circumstances and had to wait for two more hours for the next one to get seasoned and ready. Two hours have passed, three coffees have been drunk and i was ready to go back to my adventure. Hurrying i was, to get to the train, so i don’t miss it and then, fortunately, i did not. I was in the train, expecting it to be the one it should have been, but my hopes and expectations was destroyed when a man, at the rank of a conductor, came and saw my ticket.
Surprised, he asked me where am i going and so i told him where, back then, i did’nt now that the place i was going to is not an ordinary place for mortals to go to. If Orahovica does’nt want you to go there, fella, then, you just ain’t going! But i did not gave up so easy. Yes, i have been in train, taking me in the opposite direction, but was this enough to bring me down ? Absolutely not! So i abandoned this device at the very next station it stoped at. A village by the name of Dugo Selo. A very peaceful and quite empty place. At least, i tough so. But then, this guardian appeared. Probably, i’ll never know if he was a conductor, machinist or some angel, dressed like human, but i know he did his best to help me. I told him all about my plan and what i’ve been trough, since i got on the first train, untill now. His reaction confirmed me that, the place i was heading to, is not known by those who does’nt know it. But he still tryied to
help me solve my situation. He went inside an old, short building, which had a long, blue sign on it, where was wroten: “Dugo Selo”, with white letters. I was waiting for him outside, infront the door. I could hear him speaking with someone in there, of course, i could’nt understaned what they were saying to each other, because it was in their secret, almost dworven, language, but, after not too long, he came back, bringing just a tiny peace of paper in his right hand. On the paper he have wroten an elder magic, instructing me how to get to where i wished to. I could’nt read it, yes, for i was not inscribed in their croatish magic words, so he explained me. The magic said that i must wait there, for three whole hours, for another train, which shall take me to city Virovitica and there to wait for one more hour, for another train, which was supposed to take me to Osijek. But i should’nt get of there! I should get of at the stop before, at station by the name of Zdenci-Orahovica. And so, my waiting begane. When the first hour passed, i started to feel a little cold. Apparently, this place was runned by some evil forces, i could feel it! After the second hour passed, the daylight died and the night got birth to darkness. My stomach was protesting and rejecting to remain empty, but there was not a lot that could be done to fix this drama. Nor trademan, neigher animal was felt by me back then, but the fight was growing bigger, so something had to be done. That’s why, i finished the little burning elexir i had left, to cure my inner wounds and it helped a little bit against the hunger and the cold, but it did’nt gave me the ability of night vision. Nothing could! I struggled long and painfuly, the evil force’s spells were, slowly, tooking my all faith away. My will to fight was fading more and more with every minute. I could not keep resisting anymore. It was over! I was done! The evilness was winning. I was just about to give up, but then….It happend! I saw the light lighting stronger and stronger, cutting trough the darkness. I heard the great, loud sound of the lord’s horn, calling in the night, screaming my name, encouraging my victory and then. And then it came! It was astounding and powerful!
Gingantic! It’s scrapping, metal sound was blowing up, causing the darkness to squeak in suffering…. The train of the trains have came to save me from my doom and i, gladly, accepted it metalic hand.
From the moment i got in, everything changed. It was cold no more. I, still was feeling hungry, but not weak, infact, much stronger then before. But i was tired. Devastated. I managed to send a mailing dove to my best advisor – Matija, a might wizard, based in the national agency’s hightower, to inform her what i have been trough, where i am going and that i survived in good health of the body and the spirit. She knew about my journey and it’s destination. She was begging me not to go, but she knew i had to. Shortly after the dove flew away, my tiredness succeeded and took control over me. I tryied to fight, but it was pointless. Sleepness was my mind’s master now!
I have no clue how much time i have been dreaming, for it was so dark outside and i could’nt see my destiny, but my dreams got scattered by the comeback of the dove. I had an answer from Matija. Apparently, she had connections with the jedi-masters in Orahovica i
was going to, so she have informed them about my struggles trough the way there and, luckly, one of them- Master Bojan, have agreed to meet me at the stop in Virovitica, to pick me up and show me the secret way.
After not long riding on the secret path, me and Bojan arrived in the red cross temple, where the Orahovica’s jedi conceal is. I was starving, but my luck showed up once again, for we arrived right on time for dinner. The food was freshly catched and very tasty. I felt refreshed. Revived! My strength came back to me. Right there, at the dinner table, i met compatriots. Other fellows whit missions similar to mine. As it came out, they also were upholders of the burning elexirs, so, after dinner, we went together to the sacred trader and supplied ourselves with enough elexir for
the night.
While the elexir was burning our troubles, we spoke about each others missions here, in the jedi orden, our journies and tribulations trough the road. Time had passed and the wanders of the sleep submited all of us.
The morning after was the first official day of our training. It became immediatly. There was’nt any time to lose. We was sharp and quick as brazzers! Every night, since then, the food was like a blessing and the elexirs were growing stronger. There we learned how to fight against the forces of desaster, fear and loneliness.
There we became a real fellowship. Of caurse, as every fellowship, we’ve passed trough
difficulties and conflicts, but we never falled apart or under the power of hatred or despare. We stood strong, grouped, a real team, during all the obstacles, trough the whole time! We lived together, laughed and cried together and improved ourselves together. At the end, we had became one whole.
The training was completed in five days and everyone of us had to go back to their realms to protect it from harm and loath, untill the end of his service, so we splited our paths. But our connection as a group still remains strong and rooted as a mountain and, from now on, it can never be broken!
©Author: Yordan Andonov
©Photo: Yordan Andonov

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