Analog photography of Izmir 

“It’s like painting, but with lights. Literally.”

The procedure of analog photography makes me curios. There are no screens, SD card or some way of seeing photo. You have 36 chances to create perfect photo. After taking all the photos and careful developing, you have finally the chance to see the peace of art you have created. It makes it
valuable to me.
All the photos you see on these pages are taken in hometown city Izmir. The way that they were taken are with black and white film. In addition, it is not easy to destroy photographic film and they can be stored for a long time. Even if you ditch them voluntarily, it could end up in someone else’s hands. We can say eternity in a way. There are many stories about abounded films, and some of the stories have beautiful ending.
I think everyone should try at least once in their life to take analog photography to understand the procedure and to simply enjoy the excitement of seeing the final result.
©Autor: Aysenur Kursun

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