do you hear?

do you hear?


I hear them
their voices, screams
coming from under the ground
if you stop talking, start listening
you can hear their screams too
it is not that scary
even a bit magical
once you hear it
and sense the harmony between them
you will wish them to continue
to keep their chaotic choir on
singing and wailing
the rhythm might spring
or fall sometimes
but the songs will always carry
joy and anger
at the same time

if you listen carefully enough
you can discover the roots
in the soil
in the gust
in the blue
in every step you take
you can hear them
if you want to know their reasons
you might ask
but they only answer the screams
because only they can express
the harm and the lost

and when you raise your voice
to join them
you will understand a secret
that is earth and women
screaming together
they are sharing
the pain and the solidarity
resembling each other
to embrace their struggle
you can share your screams
and till all the universe
comprehend their song
we have to silence others
especially the voices of war
oppression and violence
only then we will be able to
rest and enjoy living

Doga Rojda Koldas

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