Horoscope of May

Horoscope of May

Rising Aries: The lunar eclipse will affect your finances. You may act impulsively regarding issues such as credit, inheritance, alimony, spouse or partner’s earnings, etc. You may have a large payment or debt burden. You may undergo a surgical procedure. From the second half of May, you can make ventures to increase your income. Money will flow to you. This is the luckiest and most prosperous period of the last 12 years for you.

Rising Taurus: The lunar eclipse affects your relationships. Relationships that are harmful, outdated, and toxic to you may come to an end. You can start or end relationships to clarify your unclear relationships. From the second half of May, luck will be with you. You can start developing yourself, making new beginnings, and looking at life from an optimistic perspective. The talents that you have not noticed before may come to the surface.

Rising Gemini: The lunar eclipse will affect your routines. You can regulate your habits and start exercising. There may be tension between you and your coworkers. You may quit your job and start a new one or get a promotion. Your health problems may arise. From the second half of May, you may be interested in activities that are good for your soul and occult subjects. You may want to isolate yourself. It is a great period to get therapy.

Rising Cancer: The lunar eclipse affects your children. Beware of unplanned pregnancies. You can leave anything that doesn’t give you pleasure. You may take a risky loan financially. In your love life, you can finish uncertain situations. From the second half of May, your social circle may expand. You may encounter opportunities to achieve your dreams and goals. You can take an active role in crowded groups, associations, and foundations. You may spend time on charity work. You can be more visible on social media.

Rising Leo: The lunar eclipse can affect your family and bring hidden issues to light, such as crises related to inheritance and debt. Those considering moving or leaving the family home may make clear decisions during this period. From the second half of May, there may be a rise in the field of work and career. Business owners may expand their businesses, while others may receive promotions or salary increases. Additionally, one may find a better job and experience a change in status.

Rising Virgo: The lunar eclipse can affect your thoughts and cause you to use harsh words and behavior towards those in your immediate circle. You may need to pay attention to short-distance travel. You can end previous agreements and clarify thoughts that have been occupying your mind for some time. From the second half of May, a lucky period may begin for foreigners, overseas issues, higher education, and legal matters. Those involved in imports, exports, and international relations may also be fortunate. If you have agendas related to obtaining a passport, visa, or traveling abroad, you can take action. Additionally, you may experience intensity in beliefs and philosophical topics, and start an education in a foreign language. If you have legal agendas, the outcome may be in your favor.

Rising Libra: The lunar eclipse can affect your income and bring up issues that require you to organize your financial matters. You may create a new budget plan and enter a period where your sources of income may decrease. You may search for new sources and spend money to develop your talents. From the second half of May, there may be luck and opportunities related to inheritance, alimony, credit, and debt. You may earn money from other people’s funds or increase your spouse’s income. There may be an increase in earnings obtained from partnerships, and you may develop yourself spiritually and focus on occult topics. Additionally, if you apply for a scholarship or credit, the outcome may be positive.

Rising Scorpio: The lunar eclipse is affecting you completely. You may go through an important change and transformation, rise from your ashes, and make radical changes. It’s time to molt. From the second half of May, you will have luck and opportunities in the field of marriage, relationships, and partnerships. You can start a new partnership or start a long-term relationship if you’re single. If you’re in a relationship, you can take steps like getting engaged or married. Those who are married can receive beautiful support from their spouse.

Rising Sagittarius: The lunar eclipse is affecting your subconscious. You can heal by purifying yourself from everything that affects you negatively in your subconscious and confronting your fears. Your hidden enemies may come to light, and you may want to be isolated. From the second half of May, you’ll have a lucky period in your work life. Job seekers may find a job, while employees may have increased workload. You may acquire pets. If you have health issues, you can get good results. Your responsibilities in daily life may increase.

Rising Capricorn: The lunar eclipse is affecting your friendships. You may end some of your friendships, leave your membership in groups and associations, and completely delete goals that you couldn’t achieve despite planning. From the second half of May, you’ll have luck and opportunities in your love life, with children and hobbies. You can have a flirt or start a new relationship. Those who want to have children will have the universe on their side. Those with children may experience beautiful developments. You’ll also have abundance and prosperity in investment. You can discover new hobbies and enjoy entertainment.

Rising Aquarius: The lunar eclipse affects your career. You may change your profession or workplace. This is a period when you will evaluate your status in society and make new decisions. From the second half of May, luck and opportunities will be on your side in the areas of home, family, real estate, and property. If you are living with family, you may move into your own home. You may engage in ventures such as buying a house or land. There may be renovation or relocation agendas. If there are any problems at home, you can resolve them during this period.

Rising Pisces: The lunar eclipse affects topics related to overseas and higher education. There may be clarifications and completions in areas such as overseas, academic, and legal matters. You may experience changes in your fanatic beliefs, and your perspective on life may change. From the second half of May, luck and opportunities will be with you in the areas of your immediate surroundings, education, short trips, and commerce. You can make money from these areas. Opportunities may arise in fields such as communication, sales, marketing, and media. You may make a leap into commerce. Your immediate surroundings may expand.

Author: Gamze Tezer
Translate: Aysenur Kursun

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